“How did you do it…?”

When people hear I’ve lost an extreme amount of weight they always ask “how did you do it?” I can tell now that they want the magic behind what I did. My secret. They want to hear that I gave up carbs, took a pill, lived in a gym. I know they want to hear I did something extreme, because then it gives them an excuse to not do the same.

I know that because I was the same way. I thought that losing weight was impossible. I thought it meant giving up what I love to eat. No pizza. No ice cream. No snacks. No fun. A life of bland foods and breathing in the sweaty atmosphere of a gym.

Here’s my secret. Eat less, move more.

That’s really it. I ate too much food and I didn’t move enough.

I don’t come up with that tagline, and I’m sure plenty of people will argue against it. It’s too simplistic to truly capture the whole scope of things. Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are more complex than that, but at its core, being healthy means being mindful of what you input and output. You can exercise all day and gain weight if you’re eating poorly. Or if you’re doing too much cardio or the wrong kind of workout for your body you’ll hurt yourself. If you’re not getting enough sleep your body goes into survival mode. But really, if you’re not aware of how much you’re consuming or how little you’re moving, you can’t begin on the road to healthy living.

I did the calorie math the other day. In order for me to sustain the weight I was at I needed to take in over 5,000 calories a day. I wasn’t working out, and my body had little muscle mass, so all of that intake was adding to more fat.

Now I track my food and movement using the app LoseIt! and with that app I’ve been able to lose 170 pounds and keep it off for over a year. I’ve never been to a gym, and I eat pizza every week. I might even have ice cream tonight.

At my heaviest, my typical day was two bowls of cereal for breakfast, a muffin at the coffee shop on the way to work, a heavy lunch at a restaurant, a snack at home that was usually 6 oz of cheese slices melted inside tortillas, a heavy dinner, ice cream or another dessert, and then a before bed snack. At some point in there I would drink a soda or two. That’s a lot of food. It’s not that I was eating carbs or fats. It was volume. Plain and simple, I wasn’t mindful of what I was eating, and it was quickly killing me.

In this blog I’ll go through how I’ve changed my habits to be more healthy. I’ll share how I went from all that mess above to being very satisfied on less than two thousand calories. My plan is to also share my favorite recipes.


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