Add things into your life instead of taking away

Don’t jump into the deep end first. I crashed on diets because I did too much all at once. I’m sure you’ve done the same. You’re overweight because of bad habits and you need to change your mindset and your behavior. I can say that because I’m a former fat guy and I have horrible habits that I’m still fighting. Hand in the cookie jar, test slice of cheese, snack after I’ve already had one. 

Instead of saying “I’m cutting out all carbs” try adding fruit into your day as a snack. Or drink a glass of water instead of the can of soda. Add things into your life instead of taking them out. Develop healthier behaviors and you’ll be able to stick with them. This is a journey and you’ve got a long road ahead. 

You have to game your brain. Trick yourself into getting healthier. If you take away things you’ll go into panic mode and binge eat, eat junk in secret, or have food amnesia and you won’t remember what you’ve eaten. I’ve been there and I’ve done all of that. 

You can do it. Start small and build up to the big things. 

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