Hello Oconto! 

My mother just shared with me that my blog has been shared with the Oconto school district as part of a health challenge. I’m honored. Thank you mom and Paula for helping me to spread my story. This really ups the pressure on me to write quality posts! 

Here’s my challenge to you Oconto. Take one day this week and track everything you put into your mouth. Don’t hold back. Don’t try to game the system. Be honest and track it all: meals, snacks, drinks. 

If you can/want email that list to me either as a picture or typed. I’ll keep it anonymous, but I’d like to share your tracking here. I think it’ll be a good visual. 


Tracking my intake is what helped me to develop healthy habits. It’s how I lost so much fat. I didn’t start adding fitness until I had dropped nearly 100 pounds. I used the app LoseIt! but for this challenge you can even just write it in paper. However, I’m sure the folks at LoseIt! would love to see a spike in downloads from my hometown. 

Good luck Oconto. I’m excited to hear how you all do. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll share or answer what I can. 

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