Spend time learning to love yourself

When you’re on the journey of weight loss you might not feel different or think you look different. You’ll see the pounds diminishing, but if you’ve been overweight for a long time you have a mental picture of yourself that is hard to shake. 

My wife was pregnant in this picture. I, however, was not.

One of the best things about losing weight and extreme weight loss is that you can start to wear the clothes that were once laughably too small. At a 5xl I didn’t even bother going into trendy stores. Even their 2xl would barely fit over an arm. The down side though is that you need to keep redoing your wardrobe. I’ve completely rebought my wardrobe 4 times now. I keep hoping The Gap will sponsor me. Wink wink Gap.inc. 

I started as a 44/30 relaxed style pants, and that was fitted below my belly. Now I’m a 34/32 slim fit at my proper waist line. 

4xl on left. Medium at Express on the right!

I bring this up because one of my favorite activities while losing weight has been trying on clothes. I got to see the little  victories every time I dropped a size. Even if I didn’t buy the pants or the shirt it was encouraging to see the progress. 

Getting clothes that fit well will help you to feel better about your progress and journey. So, go ahead. Buy those new clothes. Spend an hour at a store trying on clothes. You’ve earned it! Splurge on something trendy, because it will help you make heathy choices at the next meal. 


2 thoughts on “Spend time learning to love yourself

  1. Awesome, congrats, but how did you do it. Any tips on specific foods you ate, or what your 3 daily meals were?

    1. That I will be covering soon. I wanted to develop some content for the blog before I got into that topic. Check out my About Me section and the “how did you do it?” Post

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