You need to eat more

A big temptation when starting your weight loss journey is to dramatically cut down on your calories. “I’m overweight because I eat too much so I’ll just eat salad and I’ll skip breakfast.” That’s not sustainable and dangerous. You are overweight because you’ve developed years or decades of unhealthy habits (unless you have a medical condition that affects your weight). You need to develop healthy habits slowly. If you don’t know how do swim you’ll sink diving into the deep end. 

Shorting yourself on calories will hinder your weight loss goals. Your brain and body need to get used to consuming less and consuming better. Eating too little can even cause you to gain weight! When you don’t eat enough your body goes into survival mode by slowing your metabolism and storing fat as a reserve. 

Find your calorie count and stick with it

The first step in your sustainable weight loss and healthier you is to determine how many calories you should consume in a day. However, don’t get too hung up on calories. “Calories” are a means of measuring how much food energy your body needs to sustain healthy function. If you only eat 1,500 calories in a day…of Doritos, soda, and heavily processed prepackaged meals you might be under your calorie limit, but you’ll gain weight because you need better energy input than msg and corn syrup. The healthy eating part comes later in your journey. 

I used Calorie Counter for this sample. 

The formula for calorie allotment is annoying so it’s easier to plug it into an app or website. Plus you’ll have to redo it with every pound you lose. It’s not worth that effort. 

Just use LoseIt! 

When you enter your info into LoseIt you’ll be given options of how much weight do you want to lose and how aggressive you want to be. LoseIt only allows for 2 pounds per week, because that’s a healthy and sustainable loss rate. You can even choose to sustain a weight or gain weight with LoseIt. 

When I first started to use LoseIt I was amazed at how many calories I could intake in a day. Even with a plan for losing weight I had over 3,000 calories a day. I stuck with it, and as I lost weight my calories were gradually lowered. This made losing weight less of a sacrifice at meal time. Now I feel very satisfied on 1,700-2,000 calories. However, that’s taken me two years. 

Let the healthy eating and fitness come later

Over the course of my journey I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and fitness. I’ve done a lot of reading, watched a lot of videos, and talked to several doctors. But it all started with the basics. 

Find the answer to, “How much food should I eat in a day?”  Don’t dive into the deep end yet. Don’t even try kale smoothies yet. First, you need to get to the pool and slowly dip your toes into the shallow end. You can enjoy that green smoothie another day. 

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