Make your own pasta

My noodle recipe. I say it’s mine, but really this is just the noodle recipe, because the only variation is how you flavor it. 
1.5 cups type 00 flour (or AP flour)
.5 cups semolina flour or type 00
3 large eggs
2 Tbl water (as needed)

The ratio is 2 cups flour to 3 eggs. Type 00 is the best for noodles and can be found at Italian grocery stores. But, you can use regular all purpose flour if you can’t get it. You can play around with how much semolina flour, and you can even make noodles with all semolina. 

If you want to make it by hand scoop your flour into a bowl or on the counter, create a well in the middle, crack your eggs into the well, and only add water if the dough seems too dry. Mix with a fork or use a spoon. Your dough shouldn’t be sticky but you don’t want it dry either. After a few times of making noodles you will get a feel for what the consistency should be. Once all of your ingredients have been mixed, kneed by hand for a few minutes until the dough becomes smooth. 


* In a stand mixer throw all of your ingredients in together, put on the paddle attachment, and mix until your dough looks like a bowl of pea sized balls. Squish your dough together with your hands and kneed for a few minutes until dough becomes smooth. 

No matter what method you choose you should let your dough rest for 10-20 minutes in a covered bowl or in a ziploc bag. Resting allows gluten to form and the flour to hydrate. 

Once you have let your noodle dough rest you can begin to flatten the dough. I have the noodle attachments and those make the process quick and easy. Using a rolling pin is doable, but it takes resting time between rolls, and it just doesn’t get as thin. 

To cook the above recipe get 2-3 quarts of water to a boil and mix in 1/4 cup kosher salt. Cook for 2 minutes. 


Home-made noodles cook much faster than dried box noodles. Generally they cook in 2 minutes in boiling water. This is because they haven’t been completely dried out. 

1/4 cup of salt?!? This seems like a lot of salt, and it is, but the salted water infuses your noodles with salt. Unsalted water makes for a boring tasting noodle. This is an Italian must do. 

In my pictures you will see that I have my noodles on a drying rack. This isn’t a necessary step. Most times I start making noodles and getting water to a boil at the same time. Once you have your dough rested and ready it only takes a couple of minutes to go from dough to noodle. 

Let your noodle sheets dry out for a few minutes before cutting them. If you let the sheets dry out for 5-10 minutes in the open air they won’t stick together and make noodle clumps. I only put my noodles on the drying rack because I was planning to store some for later. 

Use lots of flour when rolling out but brush off excess flour before cutting. You don’t want your noodle water to have lots of flour because then your noodles will clump together. Plus, you can use that starchy water in your sauce! 

Don’t mix in wet additions to your noodles without adjusting the amount of egg. If you want spinach flavored noodles use spinach powder. Adding fresh spinach will be a nightmare…trust me, I’ve tried. 

Semolina or Durum flour is whole grain.  If you want to make whole wheat noodles use wheat pastry flour. Regular whole wheat flour is too course and your dough/noodles will be gritty. Plus the sheets could tear from chunks of wheat. 

Bon appetit! 

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