Peanut salad dressing

Salad dressing from a bottle is horrible for you. I can’t say that nicely. It doesn’t provide anything more than a sugar and oil dump on your healthy food choice. I don’t like plain salad so I’ve had to find ways to wet down my greens without making my veggies into candy. 

Learn to love vinegar 

What is vinegar? It’s flavored water! If you use balsamic or red wine vinegar it’ll add a few calories, but not much. Vinegar by itself adds a lot of flavor to your veggies without adding sugar or fat.  Vinaigrette is half oil… and is startlingly high in fat. 

Nutrient breakdown from LoseIt

I made this tonight because I wanted salad and I wanted peanut butter. It was good and now I have a bowl of it in the fridge. 

In a bowl or blender mix the following. 

2 tbl Apple cider or rice vinegar
4 tbl water 
1 tbl soy sauce* 
2 tbl Melted coconut oil or canola oil
1 tbl lime juice
1/4 cup peanut butter (natural is best) 
2 tbl sugar*
1/4 tsp granulated or powdered garlic 
2-3 tbl chopped cilantro added last (could be blended in or added chopped)

Makes roughly 14 tablespoons/servings. 


Don’t skip the sugar. Without it the sauce is too vinegary. You could sub in maple syrup if you’re Paleo or honey if you’re not vegan. 

You could cut back on the amount of oil if you wanted to make this even lower calorie. Play around with the recipe and make it something you’ll enjoy eating. 

Variation: substitute seasame oil for the coconut oil to give your dressing a deeper flavor. Top with sesame seeds. 

*I dislike Kikkoman because it’s too bitter in cooking. I prefer the “superior light soy sauce” from Pearl River Bridge. 

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