Your body wants to be fat

It’s crazy to think about, but your body wants to keep all of your fat. It’s like a savings account of potential energy. There are times that you’ll hit what’s called a “set point” which is when your body has decided that it doesn’t want to lose any more weight. Your metabolism will slow down and your body will cling to any fat you’ve got. When you’ve hit a set point you need to do the following:

#1: Be patient 

It’s really hard to do this. Remember weight loss and your health is a journey and not an over night trip. I’ve hit several set points in my journey, and it was very defeating to see the same number on the scale for weeks. But, be patient and keep working. Don’t sink into despair. You’ll break that set point eventually, but it might take some time.

#2: Change your routine or food 

Do you work out a lot? Do you bike or run often? Do you eat well? Sometimes you need to shock your system by changing things. Try a new exercise. Skip a day or two of working out. Change your breakfast options. Skip ONE meal in the week like lunch. Your body has reached this set point because of your routines. By changing something you can break your body out of its routine, and that could be what you need to get back on the losing track.

#3: Eat more 

Too often we get into the habit of under consuming our caloric intake. When you under consume your body goes into survival mode. See my post on cheat days for more info. If you’re eating too healthy it’s good to have a meal that your body has to work to process. Don’t make it a habit, but a heavy meal can help your metabolism to speed back up for a while.

#4: Track your habits 

You might be doing something or eating something that’s slowing down your progress. The best way to find this culprit out is to track your intake and output. This is why I’ve been faithful to LoseIt for almost two years. I can see graphs of what I’m doing and I can quickly see what I’m doing on a daily or weekly basis.

Good luck and keep going! Don’t get discouraged by a plateau.

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