Being healthy and being proud

Be open and honest 

Sharing your weight loss journey is about overcoming the shame you felt when you were overweight and working towards the person you want to be. Some might think you’re bragging, but that’s okay, because you’ve got a lot to be proud of! Share your story. 

From 375+ pounds to 200

Losing weight is easy

Your weight loss journey isn’t about the numbers on the scale, it’s about feeling confident and healthy.  Weight loss will happen. If you’re living healthier you will lose weight. You will feel better. The fat will melt away. Discouragement and an eye on the scale will stop your progress. Stick with it. Keep trying. Keep learning. Keep going forward. 

Find your true goals

Don’t lose focus on your true goals. If your goal is to fit into those pants or that dress you’ll be discouraged each time you try it on. It’ll never look right. Look to the future. Walking easier. Less back and knee pain. Better sleep. More stamina. Your true goal is to be healthy. It’s not about a random number you chose for the scale. It’s not about dimensions. 

I see myself in reflections now and I don’t recognize myself. I get caught “checking myself out” but it’s really me not recognizing the man I see looking back. Sometimes my eyes well up because I didn’t think I’d ever see him in that mirror. I thought I was destined to be overweight forever. 

You don’t have to be ashamed of your appearance anymore. Make the change in your life that you know you need to make. Be proud of yourself each step of the way. Share your story. Share the pictures that make you proud. Don’t let other people tear your hard work down. Social media has many great communities filled with people like you and they will help you see the greatness in the hard work you’re doing. 

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