Be your own author

You write your own story!

I wanted to be a positive roll model for my son and for my students. I love to be able to be high energy around them, and I’m so much more capable of being positive now that I feel good about myself, both physically and mentally.  Was it hard work? Yes. Have I had to give things up? Yes. But I’ve gotten so much more back in the process. 

Recently I traveled to Washington DC on an 8th grade field trip. I was able to literally run circles around them. We walked 100,000 steps in four days. Over 30 miles! My students kept yelling at me, “how do you have so much energy!” My response every time was, “I eat well, I try to stay in shape, and I stay positive.” 

I wanted a weight loss plan that could turn into a lifestyle in that once I lost the weight I’d be able to maintain my healthy choices and not feel burdened by a plan or yo-yo with my weight. The app LoseIt has taught me that I’m very capable of being in control of my health and that dieting and maintaining isn’t about sacrifice, it’s about choice. 
For years I said yes to food that was killing me and burying my joy. My food choices kept me on the couch and sunk me deeper into a purposeless existence. When I finally took control of my health I found that I could have a genuine smile and that I could harness every minute of my days. My story is still being written, and now I’m the author, rather than the woeful reader. 

What will the next page of your story say? Will the next chapter be titled “I quit today?” or will it read “I’ve discovered how awesome I can be!” 

Exclaim your life! Stop titling your days with questions. Stop living with excuses. 

How many pages are you allowing to be left in your book? We can’t predict what will happen tomorrow, but we can make choices that lead us to a new day. At my heaviest I was depressed and I searched for excuses. Now that I’m in control I get excited to see what I’m capable of doing. 

What will be your tomorrow? 


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