How to shop

I’ve been in the midst of end of school events and the start of summer projects. I didn’t forget about my blog but I’ve been very busy and too distracted. Now I’m back!

Eating healthy is a daunting and confusing topic. So many foods claim to be “healthy” but these processed and packaged foods could be a culprit in your weight gain of the cause of a stagnant weight loss journey. Even if it claims to be healthy you should learn to shop by first looking at ingredient labels and with your common sense. How should you shop then?

Stick to the outer walls of the grocery store! 

Fresh food is what your body needs and it’s what will be your best method for weight loss. Shop for foods that you have to cook and fruits and veggies that you can eat raw. If you don’t have junk food in your house you won’t be tempted to eat it. If you have to cook it you’ll likely not snack. That bag of Veggie Straws? It’s loaded in sodium (which too much causes water retention) and the oil used to make it is not what your body needs. It’s hard to get overweight on carrots and apples. You’ll get full before you overeat.

Stay away from the middle of the store. Buy food that will go bad if you let it sit out too long. Be tempted by a banana and not the food that can sit on your shelf for weeks or months before spoiling. If nature can’t break out down what do you think it’s doing inside of your body?


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