Make a plan that fits

When people ask me “how did you do it” what they really want to know is what plan did I use, what shakes did I drink, what did I give up, and how many hours in the gym did I log. Here’s my dirty secret. None of the above.

Weight loss eventually becomes weight management that ultimately turns into your everyday lifestyle. 

The contestants on The Biggest Loser drop a lot of weight and they do it quickly. We’ve seen that rarely do they keep it off. Many gain it all back and then some. I’ve known many people who have done a diet and dropped a significant amount of weight but when they stopped the diet or got too busy for the gym they feel back into old routines. You don’t want that. You want to keep the weight off for good.

When I started my weight loss journey I did a lot of research trying to find a plan that I could use. I researched gym memberships. I looked at shakes and meal containers and all of it. None of them excited me. Everytime I’d do research I’d get discouraged and I’d fix that discouragement with a pint of ice cream and some nachos. I didn’t want to have to drink a shake for a meal for the rest of my life. I hate the gym because it smells bad and I was terrified of people judging me or even helping me.

I found LoseIt and I gained self-motivation.

LoseIt caps your average weight loss at 2 pounds a week. That’s healthy. That’s sustainable. At that steady rate I’ve lost 180 pounds and I’ve been sustaining that loss throughout my journey. I learned what works for me.

I like cycling. It’s my fitness element but I don’t view it as fitness. It’s my time to explore my city. I didn’t start doing fitness elements right away. I couldn’t. Most fitness equipment has a 300 pound limit. I’ve developed a fitness routine throughout my weight loss and now I’m in a place that I work out when it fits and what I do depends on my time and personal equipment.

The take away that I hope you catch is that you shouldn’t be tricked into a weight loss plan that you can’t keep up for the rest of your life. You need to develop something on your own and something that you feel confident sustaining in your every day life. Don’t think you need to give up carbs. Can you live your life without bread?!? Do you really want to never taste ice cream again? I need pizza. I need pasta. I just don’t eat it everyday and I don’t eat multiple servings of it when I do.

I don’t have a meal plan to share because I don’t have one. I can’t share the fitness routine that helped me shed pounds because I never used one. I eat appropriate amounts of food and I try to be conscious of what I’m eating on a regular basis. I eat pizza once a week and I eat pasta several times a month. I’ve developed a love of “healthy” food but that took time and a new mindset towards food. LoseIt helped me develop a plan that is unique to my life and one that I can confidently keep up for the rest of my life.

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