5 Steps to Weight Loss

#1: go out and buy the most expensive and confusing weight loss kit you can. The more complex the better. 

#2: subscribe to at least five healthy eating and fitness magazines. It’s not a good magazine unless you feel deeply shamed about your own body. There also needs to be several ads about pills and plans. 

#3: get a gym membership but don’t actually go to the gym. You’ll also need to purchase the least flattering and uncomfortable outfit possible.

#4: throw away all of your food that says the word “carb” in the ingredients list. You’ll never taste a hamburger bun again.

#5: skip breakfast and lunch and only have a piece of lettuce for dinner. You’ll know that you’re on the right path once you feel starving 24/7.
Sound familiar? That’s how I felt when I started my weight loss journey. I felt like I needed to give up everything I love about food. I felt like I needed to hit the gym everyday morning and evening. I felt horribly embarrassed by my body. I felt ashamed. I felt overwhelmed. 

Let’s admit it. We need to lose weight. We need to get healthy. But it’s so hard to sift through all the marketing and discover how. Everyone wants to sell you something. Everyone has a plan that is guaranteed. Hint. It’s all about the $$. Those plans only exist because someone thinks they can trick you into paying money.

You need to listen to the one person that matters in this journey. Yourself. 

There are people out there who want to help and can help. But really it’s you and your body that matter. What do you want to eat? Pizza? Go for it! Pizza isn’t bad for you. Carbs aren’t your enemy. Portion size is though. What you eat is less important than how much. Sure. You need fruits and vegetables and protein. It’s what your body needs to survive. You need to move to feed your muscles and keep them active. Listen to your body. It knows what it wants. Chances are you put on the pounds because you just listened to the wrong voice.

I ate too much. I did it for a long time. I consumed on average five thousand calories a day. That’s a lot. Way too much. I was addicted to eating. I lived everyday for that Thanksgiving full. I’d eat then I’d nap. Then I’d repeat that in the same day.

I support the app LoseIt because it’s a healthy and genuine tool that teaches you how to listen to your body. It’s not a gimmick. It’s not a trick. Their free app is a great start to your weight loss. Shhh. Don’t tell them but I lost the weight I did because of their free version. What you pay for is a deeper analysis of food intake and data. It’s worth the money. But I want to make it clear that they aren’t trying to trick you. Their paid version helps them pay the bills so they can keep offering their services.

So what are my real steps?

  • #1: start tracking your food. When I started tracking with LoseIt I was amazed at how much I was overeating. I support LoseIt because I believe in them. They are good people who want to help others discover healthy habits. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with them during my journey and I trust them. They aren’t in it for the money.  If there’s another app that works for you go for it. Tracking is a sustainable method of weight loss because it teaches you to listen to your body and discover the healthy habits that work for you.
  • #2: find someone or something that inspires you. This can be as simple as a Facebook group. It’s a healthy step to learn that you’re not alone. Weight loss is a struggle and no one is perfect. I joined the LoseIt community on Facebook and they are some of the most uplifting and nice people I’ve found online. You’ll need that inspiration to keep going.
  • #3: stop eating so much processed food. Seriously. It is shelf stable because of all the crazy things they put into it. Why is that bowl of soup from Panera so good? Loads of sugar and salt. The better I got at cooking the better I got at eating. Eating “healthy” is a dirty phrase because it turns people away from food that is actually good. I hated kale at first but it’s starting to get tolerable. Find what you like to eat and learn to make it at home. You can control portions and ingredients better. It takes time to retrain your taste buds.
  • 4: go for a walk. I sat on the couch a lot. Once I started moving more I felt better. I didn’t go for miles and miles. I walked around the block. Eventually I went further and longer. Eventually I added in more cardio and other fitness elements. I hate running so I don’t do it. I love biking do I do it a lot. It took time to figure that out and build up stamina and strength .
  • #5: be proud of yourself. You’re making a big change in your lifestyle. It’s hard to lose weight. You’ll have set backs. You’ll stall out at a weight for a while. You’ll overindulge once in a while. Be proud of your progress and the work you’re doing rather than feel defeated by a weekend or a snack. Start taking pictures of yourself too. It’ll help you find motivation that isn’t tied to the scale. If you can see your progress over time you’ll continue to be inspired to work through the struggle. 

Losing weight takes time. Be patient. It’s frustrating that it takes so long but think of how long it took you to gain that weight. 

I’m available to talk if you want my help. Gettinghealthyongoodfood@gmail.com

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