Want to lose weight? Learn to cook!

Fast food and restaurant meals might make you happy, but they are a big deterrent in your health journey. When you cook your own foods you have a deeper connection to what you’re eating, and you have more control over what’s going into your mouth. Learning to cook will be a major factor in your weightloss.

That soup at Panera? Ya. It’s loaded with sugar and sodium. That’s why it tastes so good. 

Along with recipes I’m going to start posting some basic cooking skills and tips. If you have anything that you’d like to learn please send me an email at gettinghealthyongoodfood@gmail.com.


Salt makes your food taste better. We crave salt. The more you work out the more you want salt. However, your body’s cells want equilibrium, and the more salt you intake the more water your body retains. Hence, water weight and bloating. An easy way to cut back on your sodium intake is to properly salt food as you cook it. Stop salting food while you’re eating. If you’re following a recipe, follow it exactly. It seems simple, but most novice and beginner cooks use way too much salt, use the wrong salt, or are salting too late.

If the recipe calls for large flake salt like kosher it’s actually less salt by volume than if you use table salt. So don’t equally substitute large flake for fine ground. It’s not the same.

Tip #1

Use large flake salt if you’re going to sprinkle salt on top because it tricks your taste buds into thinking you’re eating more salt. A few flakes of salt on top of your meal makes it burst with salty goodness without adding as much as from your shaker.

Be mindful of your total sodium. Be cautious of hidden sodium in cans of veggies or beans, stock, and processed foods. Keep track of what is going into your recipe but logging ingredients into an app like LoseIt.

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