TV and Features

I’m am honored to be able to public about my weight loss journey. I hope that my story will give hope to those who need it. Throughout my journey I’ve credited the LoseIt app as being the way I took control of my eating. I am comfortable enough now to say that I had a food addiction. LoseIt not only saved my life, but they have shared my story and promoted my weight loss as means of helping others. I’m truly grateful that people, writers, and organizations have believed in me enough to find my story worthy of sharing.   

The Today Show!

This was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I still can’t believe that I was on the set with Kathie Lee, Hoda, and Joy. All the way up to walking onto the set I felt like I was being catfished.   


I’m the guy with Hoda’s hand on his shoulder!


I had the honor to be interviewed by SquatDogFitness about my weight loss story and how my food choices have changed throughout my weight loss journey.


A segment featuring my fitness and story. Julia Fello came to my house to meet my family and to see the fitness equipment I’ve used throughout my weight loss journey.

A comprehensive story written by a writer much, much better than me.

Kenosha News

I had fun with the photo shoot for this feature. Their photographer met me out on my regular bike route to snap some pictures. I was honored to be able to share my story with my community.


My first TV appearance. Andy Choi was so nice and up-lifting. Plus he has great hair! 

Just look at Andy’s hair! Perfect.

This is the first article written about my weight loss journey. Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle, the writer, did a great job of helping me feel good about my journey. Her article showed me that my struggle was worth it, and that I am doing all of this the right way and for the right reasons. 


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