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The WFPB Diet Cookbook!

Hey!!! My first cookbook! Available on Amazon and just about everywhere else. Use this link for Amazon orders (if not in the US make sure you’re on your country’s Amazon)

Redefine healthy with 100 recipes for a whole food, plant based diet

Welcome to the whole food, plant based diet (WFPB), a celebration of fresh produce, whole grains, and rich natural flavor. The WFPB Cookbook is bursting with tips and recipes to prove that you don’t need meat, artificial ingredients, or a ton of salt, oil, and sugar to enjoy food. Eating well doesn’t mean eating boring.

From classic American comfort foods like mac and cheese and pizza to globally inspired cuisine like masoor dal and chickpea gyros, the dishes in this plant based diet book showcase a variety of flavors and health benefits. Learn how to use WFPB ingredients to their full potential and enjoy simple meals that taste good―and are good for you.

This plant based diet cookbook helps you:

  • Discover WFPB―Get the scoop on everything you need to know about a proper plant based diet, from the different health benefits, to the nitty-gritty on ingredients like soy.
  • Harness natural flavor―Learn how to enhance the overall taste and nutrition of your meals with techniques like oil-free sautéing and tempering spices without salt.
  • Get prepped―Find practical tips for grocery shopping and food storage, along with the kitchen tools and tricks you’ll need for WFPB cooking success.

Explore the benefits of a plant based diet, and learn how to make it even more wholesome and delicious!

Get My Face On Your Body!

CrowMoonKitchen isn’t just about me the individual. Sure, I cook and act goofy and such, but really it’s bigger than me. The idea for CMK was born from the notion of the actual Crow Moon, the last full moon of winter, which represents regrowth and starting over after the cold, barren season. It’s a symbol of hope. My journey over the past few years has required that of me many times.

My kitchen and my relationship with food has been a source of evolution and reevaluation in that way. I know we have all suffered our own winters and we all deserve the coming spring! So, whether your on a health journey, going vegan, or just trying to figure out how to live your best life, the Crow Moon Kitchen is a place you belong. It’s not just about me or for me, it’s for anyone who needs a place to grow, evolve, and learn.

Natalie, AKA the Gobby Vegan, recently launched a website of designs to help spread some vegan love. Her work is original, fun, and constantly growing and evolving. It made sense to partner with her to get the CMK merch out there. Natalie and I share a similar world vision, we’re both vegan for all the reasons, both painfully Aquarius, and we love for the minimalistic aesthetic. I am honored to have a place in her shop and I can’t wait to see where the CMK+GV collaboration goes next!

Just in case you’re wondering why Gobby Vegans page is in pounds and not dollars…she is in the UK. However, the merchandise is made in the country it’s sold which speeds up shipping and cuts down on the cost for custom products! Order some sweet CMK gear today and don’t forget to check out Natalie’s other products.

More great designs and work by Gobby Vegans!