Homemade Nut Butters

Homemade nut butter simply tastes better. It has a more complex flavor and an intoxicating aroma largely because the time between roasting and enjoying is minutes compared to the weeks or months from store-bought. Making it at home allows you to create new flavors, blend a variety of nuts, and control ingredients like sugar and salt. These nut butters taste great on their own or they can be added to your favorite smoothie for added protein and flavor.

Cardamom Almond

This blog article gives loads of tips, strategies, and information to get started on making your own nut butters at home. You’ll thank me after your first batch is finished! They are all so good and worth the little bit of time it takes to create a unique combination of nuts, spices, and add-ins.

For the recipe details head over to www.loseitbog.com powered by LoseIt!

Mocha Walnut

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