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During the whole experience I thought I was being catfished. I thought that there was no way I was actually going to be on The Today Show. Me. A guy from northern Wisconsin. No sponsors. No background in weight loss coaching. No huge following on social media. All the way up to going on set I had that in mind.

Today Show segment

When you watch the segment look at my face right when it shows me. I was told that they were going to pan over to me after I was already seated. My mark was to sit down, smile, then do some kind of flourish when I stood up. After I watched the segment I realized that I was on camera the whole time! Glad I didn’t pick my nose or make a dumb face!

Joy Bauer was so nice. She was friendly and up-lifting. She hugged me right away in the green room and spoke only words of encouragement. Another thing to watch for is Hoda eating my bread. Even in the group picture she’s holding the remnants of her piece. She mouthed to be “this is so good” after her first bite, but the camera didn’t catch that. You can hear Kathie Lee and Hoda say “yum” when Joy is introducing Amber.

So, why was I chosen? I’m still not entirely sure. But, I lost an extreme amount of weight, and I did it without pills, surgery, or a personal trainer. Because of time constraints I didn’t get to tell much of my story. Joy did a great job giving a little background though. I lost the weight by using the LoseIt app. That’s it. I tracked my food and movement and I sustainably dropped the pounds that were killing me.

I’m thankful to the people at The Today Show for choosing me. I’m glad that I was able to represent those who have lost weight “the old fashioned way” and to show that you that yes, you can still eat bread and lose weight.

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