My Weight Loss Story on TMJ4

So happy to get to share my weight loss story with the greater Milwaukee area! Julia Fello contacted me last Friday and said, “Hey can I come to your house and interview you for the Sunday news?” “Heck yes,” was my response.

Kenosha Father Who Shed 175 Pounds Featured on Today Show – TMJ4 (video in link)

Suit coat was a 56 big. Now I’m down to a 42 slim. That means I’ve gotten rid of a solid foot of fat just from my chest!

I share my story so that others who need to hear it can. People who know me know that I’m a normal dude. Plenty of people know that we still eat lots treats at home and I’m not denied “good food.” At my heaviest I was without hope of changing. It’s my goal now to help others see that weight loss and being healthy is for anyone. If you’re just starting your weight loss journey or you want someone to talk to feel free to reach out. I’m a good listener and I’m good at being honest about my story.

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